Magento sold again

Magento sold again

Magento sold

This is not the first time that it happens but magento has been sold again! This time it has been purchase by the software company Adobe. After the company’s acquisition by Adobe many analysts have raised questions about the future of the company. Many merchants who are using Magento are wondering if adobe will support the open source version. Some question if the open source version will also remain free. These questions are only normal for concerned users of the open source platform. When companies buy another company they are strategically looking to increase their profits some way. The same questions were asked when Magento was purchased eBay in 2010.
The real question that many entrepreneurs ask is why should they continue using Magento at all if it continues changing hands.  If it continues with new owners there is much uncertainty. If your business has a critical mission then should you continue using Magento or just switch to another platform that continues with the same owners?

Magento and its free open source

Magento is typically used by medium sized businesses. They typically invest large amounts of technical resources into it. The best part about the open source platform is that it comes free of charge. The main core of the system is free, but add-ons are not. They are quite expensive compared to other platforms. A decent Magento setup could cost thousands of dollars to implement. The expense of the Magento setup is the main reason why merchants should actually throw it away and use other cheaper platforms.
E-commerce companies should always keep their platforms up to date. This means that a good merchant should keep in touch with the changing consumer behavior. Your site should always be updated accordingly. Remember that the race to attract and retain already existing customers is fiercely competitive. This makes Magento a terrible option due to uncertainty surrounding the future of the company.

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