The role of classified sites

The role of classified sites

Classified sites

The role of classified sites in e-commerce is very apparent. Classified sites are the initial stages in the development of e-commerce. Before e-commerce websites are developed in an e-commerce people will have to get themselves accustomed with classified sites. Classified sites are free to post on. This means there is no payment that needs to be made in order to use these sites. These sites are usually mainly built for advertising sellers products. The buyer will need to get the seller’s details such as phone number and location. Sometimes the seller can contact the buyer and give them details of the e-commerce website online. The best thing about classified sites is that they is no exchange of money online. Financial transactions are made physically when the customer is going to collect the product. The arrangement is usually in such a way that the seller receives the payment after the buyer sees the product.

Classified sites scams

The main problem with classified sites is that they have a lot of scammers. Scammers are common wherever the service is for free. They usually prey on customer’s desperation of greed. For instance they might advertise that they are selling a new iphone X for $300 USD. This price seems unrealistic as the iPhone X is sold by the manufacturer for $999. They will give you some vague explanation that they got the iphone from an apple insider. Some scammers actually trick the seller. They ask for your e-mail in order to trick you into believing they have actually made a payment to you. This scam tricks the seller into shipping the product before the payment is made. Scammers are the main problem with classified sites. Classified sites act as the main e-commerce channel in many countries where people don’t trust e-commerce websites yet.

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