The cloud computing sector

The cloud computing sector

The cloud computing competition

A lot of people have noticed that they is a cloud computing competition going on in the tech sector. Although the pioneer of cloud computing as a utility is Amazon other purely tech companies have joined the fray and are constantly becoming a threat to Amazon due to their tech superiority. The whole idea of cloud computing is to offer online cloud services to businesses. This means that this model of business is mainly targeted at other business. Businesses can now create apps and web platforms using these cloud computing services and avoid building servers on their own. It is quite expensive to develop a steady serve. However cloud computing companies such as google, Microsoft and Amazon have the advantage that they already have functional data centres that can be used by businesses in exchange for an affordable fee.

Cloud computing competition

Amazon cloud computing which falls under Amazon web services is by far the largest of them all. In terms of number of customers it is the pioneer of web services and cloud computing therefore it has developed a large number of customers. It technically has by far the most advanced platform. It offers more services than its competitors. This makes it the number one choice of most businesses. The downside of Amazon is the fact that it now has to compete with other companies such as Microsoft and Google. These companies are purely tech companies which means they have a large amount of tech talent to use in their business ventures. Amazon is also costly compared to the two other service providers. An analysis proved that google cloud platform was actually far cheaper than Amazon’s platform. This may be due to the fact that google is a tech company therefore it has large data centres that it can use for its cloud computing services.

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