Facebook ads and Google AdWords

Facebook ads and Google AdWords

Facebook ads vs Google AdWords

If you are running an e-commerce business or planning to run an e-commerce business there is no doubt that you have heard about Facebook ads and Google AdWords. This is mainly due to the fact that these are the two most popular marketing platforms. They are also bitter rivals. They fiercely compete with each other for marketing customers by constantly bringing in new customers. The hardest part about running your own e-commerce business is driving targeted traffic to your website. No one knows why it is so difficult but it happens to be one of the main areas that build or break e-commerce businesses. This post is there to help you know which one is the best platform to market your e-commerce business.

Facebook ads vs Google AdWords: The basics

The basics are the differences between google and Facebook. We will first have to focus on how these two platforms target people. Therefore we will concentrate on their similarities and differences. Both Facebook and Google use IP addresses as a way to determine the user’s location. However Facebook takes it to another level by employing the tactics of allowing users to add their specific town. There is no doubt that Facebook by far collects more data on customers than Google. Facebook also uses other data in order to create specifically targeted ads. For instance they can look at your interests and your age. This might determine what kind of ads appear when you are browsing on Facebook.  Google AdWords on the other hand can use your previous search data in order to determine what kind of ads appear when you are searching on google. As an entrepreneur you should research these basics in order to know which platforms suits you the best.

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