Presidents day to receive record sales

Presidents day to receive record sales

Presidents day might become the next black Friday

Most e-commerce business owners know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are big promotional holidays in the industry. There is another day that has proven to be very profitable in e-commerce. Although it is less known Presidents Day could soon become a popular shopper’s holiday. Data analysis has shown that there is a boost in weekly sales when it is the week of Presidents Day. There is a boost of more than 20% in sales. Most of these numbers might be traced to the much larger brands who have the mechanism to take advantage of holidays.  As an e-commerce business owner, you should be evaluating sales strategies that you can use to increase sales on Presidents Day.

Tax returns would help catapult Presidents day

One of the main reasons why people spend a lot on Presidents Day is the tax return season. People who would have filed their tax returns in January are getting their checks in time for this holiday. A research has proven that 9% of all people are going to spend their tax returns purchasing products online.  This is where e-commerce store owners must offer discounts for their products. A 15-20% discount will help grow your sales through attracting customers. People want to spend when they have money, and they are willing to click the buy button if you give them a deal.
Saying goodbye to winter stock on presidents day
President’s day is a good time to say goodbye to winter stock. Due to the fact that the holiday occurs when winter is about to end. You can offer your customers discounts of up 25% in order to clear stock on Presidents day. Presidents day is a good time to start stocking for summer and to offer a winter clearance sale.

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