Magento Commerce joins hands with Trustpilot

Magento Commerce joins hands with Trustpilot

Magento Commerce joins hands with Trustpilot to strengthen Customer Reviews

Magento Commerce who is the champion of cloud digital commerce innovation worldwide has joined hands with Trustpilot which is a globally recognized customer review forum. This partnership is profitable to Magento Commerce as it let the costumers give feedbacks on products and services on the world’s topnotch review platform. This can be beneficial for tangible marketing, will open upthe door to more intense business insights and will create strong and stable brand reputation in order to increase customer growth.
According to the CEO of Trustpilot “Simply put businesses that actively invite and promote customer feedback build stronger, better performing brands.”
He further elaborated by saying. “Just by listening to their customers and establishing two-way communication, e-commerce owners and managers unlock a wealth of knowledge that can propel the brand and the business forward. Our partnership with Magento Commerce allows strong brands to continue to excel while helping others constantly refine their service and offerings. It’s a huge win for businesses and consumers alike.”
With the Trustpilot-Magento integration, merchants can:

  • Connect with customers through dialogue: If the customers’ problem is addressed by the company online, there is a 15% chance of them actually purchasing that product with 70% chances of them returning to the website if the problem is resolved.
  • Convert the customer feed loop by automatization: Let customer review those products and services that are extrapolated from their ordering history on Magento Commerce store.
  •  Initiate growth: Make use of different customers’ ratings and feedbacks and initiate various marketing campaigns similar to AdWords campaigns.
  • Increase their brand reputation: Display reviews by a creditable and trustworthy third party and reach out to potential customers by leveraging their Trustpilot profile page. Also, create a good first impression to the consumers who are searching for their business.

The Head of Business Development at Magento Commerce, Ryan Murden said, “As industry trailblazers, the team at Trustpilot has continued to drive innovation in leading-edge review software our customers need to stay ahead of the innovation curve. We are pleased to welcome Trustpilot as a Technology Partner and look forward to helping our joint merchants achieve Google Seller Ratings and stronger brand reputations. Over the past several years, the Trustpilot team has demonstrated the technical ability, commitment to quality, and market focus that we look for in a technology partner.”
About Trustpilot
Trustpilot is a worldwide recognized leading platform that provides online reviews. It helps its consumers in showcasing their businesses, making an improved purchasing decision and improving their services. It provides free services where consumers can provide their feedback and also ask its customers to share their reviews and feedbacks. Trustpilot has over 40 million reviews provided by more than 210,000 companies from different industries worldwide, making it one of the most used independent reviewing website. Trustpilot consumers view its review more than 2 billion times each month. It has offices in different parts of the world including London, Copenhagen, New York, Berlin, Vilnius and Melbourne. Its 640 employees are from diverse background and more than 40 nationalities.

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