Market research

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Market research

Market research is probably the most important thing when starting a business. The reason why market research is so important in any business model. This may be linked to the fact that before a business is able to start the owner or entity needs to make a thorough analysis on the business model they are embarking on. The whole idea of starting an e-commerce business is about analyzing people’s demands. This is the main characteristic of market research. The goal of market research is to discover how many people might buy your product. The first idea is creating a product or service that people will be interested in buying. It is different from just selling a product or service with the assumption that someone is going to purchase that product or service.
You will first need to learn how a market research is actually conducted. This has proven to be a problem for many people.

Market research after analyzing the market

Numbers tell a plain story that is less open to interpretation. When conducting a market research this is a quantitative analysis of the market. You will first need to analyse how large is the market in your niche. For instance the smart phone market is worth trillions annually. Then you need to figure out what your niche is actually worth. After this stage you will have clear numbers about what chance your business has to become successful. Success in the e-commerce sector requires you to be very creative in choosing a niche for your business. This sometimes means that you will need to neglect the niche you have passion about and go for the niche that you see succeeding. It is useless to sell products that no one actually wants to buy. Some markets are already flooded. For instance the smartphone market already has large companies

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