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Terapeak is the leading data source for analyzing, understanding and predicting consumer and product behavior for e-commerce data. As the first authorized analytics provider of eBay market data and the leading aggregator of e-commerce data for eBay, Amazon, Yahoo! Japan, and Magento, Terapeak is an indispensable resource for over 1.3 million online merchants. Terapeak provides one of the best research platforms for eBay as well as a multichannel sales analytics platform – MySales, and custom intelligence, insight and data provided through the Terapeak Insights division.

Terapeak’s Erika Geremia presented on Terapeak’s tools and eBay marketplace data  to learn how to grow your business.

Terapeak eBay marketplace data – Learn how to grow your Business

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  • Terapeak allows you to gain access to all of eBay’s data
  • Research hot items in the world using eBay Pulse
  • Keyword Optimization for eBay and Google
  • Price research and optimization using actual market data
  • Find and source attractive products that the market wants and that are selling