New York eCommerce Meetup

As part of our commitment to improving our community through action, The New York eCommerce Forum takes an active and ongoing role in the education and growth of our local e-commerce community. The eCommerce Forum has been organizing, sponsoring and hosting an event series on for the Tri-state community.

It is our goal that through these meet-ups we can create a robust network of like-minded individuals to share knowledge and information regarding eCommerce in the hopes that together we can all benefit more-so than any of us could do on our own.

Visit the New-York-eCommerce-Meetup page.

To this end each meet-up opens with a meet-and-greet during which members are encouraged to introduce themselves and their businesses to the group with an elevator pitch. After the initial mingling period there is an in-depth presentation of some facet in the relevant technology or a showcase of some local up-and-comer.

We created these meet-ups to give our expertise back to our local communities and we couldn’t be happier at the impact we’ve made so far; please join us – without you we all lose out.

Learn more about presenting at our Meetup.

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