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Sponsorship Opportunities

We offer 3 levels of Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • Bronze Sponsorship
  • Silver Sponsorship
  • Gold Sponsorship

Check out what opportunity fits you best and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

sponsorship opportunties

Our Sponsors

Bronze Package

The Bronze Sponsorship package is the entry level partnership to advertise to the eCommerce community. This will give you basic exposure to our audience and is a great starting point for exposure.

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bronze sponsorship
silver sponsorship

Silver Package

The Silver Sponsorship will give you great exposure to the eCommerce community and will help grow your brand recognition over time. The team at the eCommerce Forum will help you get maximum exposure and benefit from this advertising package.

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Our Sponsors

Gold Package

The Gold Sponsorship Package is the greatest advertising exposure you can get. This sponsorship is a strong partnership, which gives you the greatest exposure to the eCommerce community.

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