“4 Technical Tools” every online Marketer needs to know about

Each technical tool is helpful for an effective digital marketing strategy

Before planning any effective digital marketing strategy you need to know every technical tool that will help you best in operating your business. For last two years, I have been a part of the judging panel for ORIAs, the Online Retailers Industry Awards. Being a judge I came to know about many things about the online marketing and applications and how these enterprises establish them. Reading this information is like getting mastery over the digital marketing and web expansion.  I would like to share certain points with you to enlarge, which you can achieve success as early as possible.

i.com tool:

You can track the audience of your competitors that how much traffic they are getting. Everything is track-able there.  After playing their website URL into the site you can have all information that you want. You can c as well gauge tour website against any of the competitors to know how well are you performing.  From this site, you can as well reach to the target audience.

Hot jar tool:

It is a tester which tests how audiences look at your website and tell you how you can captivate the audience with the presence of your website. It tells you how you can design your website to collect more audience.

Zen Desk tool:

It is a modern world where people want a quick response to their work call. You should be there within a minute to respond their order and deliver them as soon as possible. But to do this you need to have credible and reliable service in order to have such like service you can rely on Zen Desk.

Dragon Dictation tool:

This is an app which automatically translates your speech into text.  You need not to write just speak that’s all. It is a most believable and less complex way to communicate.

Understand the importance of each tool
These are the four tools which can upgrade your ideas and information about the digital marketing. If you want to work in a most organized way just focus then you will be automatically at the top.