5 Trends that will shape the future of E-commerce and Marketing

Five Trends affecting the marketing strategies of brands

5 Trends affecting the marketing strategies of brands

A marketer job is not considering so tough. In the previous decade, media landscape and marketing budget shrunk trends have drastically evolved, which are exploding into the playground of hyper-fragmented for customers and brands. Today’s marketers carry more pressure that is not considering the less one and have no secrets at all. However, it is quite true that the chief marketing officers have Fortune and startups for more than 500 companies.

Continuously digital disruption may lead to rewrite the rules and alter the media landscape, a close eye is necessary while considering a systemic trend of marketers. Here are the five critical trends that are important for the future marketing:

Exploding the Mobile Commerce trends

The potential role of e-commerce is quite important for small and big retailers. According to the Shopify, at the time of black day, there is an exceeding evaluation occur in the sales platform, $1.1 million sales topped per year.

Messaging Apps Domination trends:

According to one study, 80% brands are struggling just to get more than 1000 download. To reach the new generation, inside message provides text hungry at one kind app.

The rise of the Voice Assistance trend:

In January 2018, Americans owned the smart speaker of voice-activated; also 41% people used voice research in every year. For those who are not aware of with the capability of using Voice assistance, it is personally recommended for customer relationship and sales boost.

Consumer Data Exponential Proliferation trend:

The trend of technology will never lead you alone. Often, technology is intertwined. Through this, the result of amplifying the power of 10 occurs. More we connected with the smartphone and laptop more we are communicated with the digital assistance.

Conversation AI Emergence trend:

The impacts of perfect technology will storm the beginning of the era driven by the automation and AI will change according to the time.