A world without e-commerce

Things to consider when starting an e-commerce business


A world without e-commerce

Many people have always noticed how e-commerce is taking over the world. This is due to the digital age revolution. More and more businesses are being founded every year. Nowadays there is a lot of money available to spend. This has caused a lot of e-commerce businesses to imagine themselves as the future of retailing. It is still highly debatable if e-commerce will actually overtake brick and mortar retailing in the next couple of years. However, a world without e-commerce is now unimaginable in the developed world. Due to people’s hectic schedule, people no longer have the time to spend hours on shopping. In much of the developed world, people are busy to the extent that shopping is no longer part of their schedule.

A better world without e-commerce

Some people still enjoy the experience of chatting with the lady by the till whenever they are purchasing something. However, there is always the downside that it consumes a lot of time. The way we interact with other human beings is the main reason we love brick and mortar retailing. A world without e-commerce is probably unimaginable at the moment, however, such a world will be better than a world without brick and mortar retailing. There is no doubt that the internet is having a certain impact on our lives. People who cannot control themselves are now hooked to the internet like its some kind of drug. A world without e-commerce might be better.

A world without e-commerce and jobs

E-commerce has also revolutionized the way we work nowadays Therefore a world without e-commerce is almost unimaginable. Some people will have to find new jobs if e-commerce disappeared. E-commerce has the ability to allow certain employees who can’t work normal jobs to actually work online. This ensures that they can support themselves whilst being economically active.