Alibaba set a Thailand online retailing plan

Alibaba set a Thailand online retailing plan

Alibaba setting online retailing plans between retailers

BANGKOK- in Thailand, the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is agreed to set up an investment plan between the online retailers.

Jack Ma, online shopping giant founder met with the prime minister of Thailand (Prayuth Chan-Ocha and signed many agreements in which including smart digital hub setup help. It’s a showcase project which is generally called Eastern Economic Corridor so that it is easy to facilitate the trade between the Myanmar, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos.

Chinese influence in the online retailing

Prayuth and Ma are sought for the allay concern about the growing involvement, without benefiting Thailand and might increasing the Chinese influences. Such concern is deepened as the expanding investment of Beijing, which is expended transportation of few projects

In a news conference Ma said, are we going to take the job away? Or we are going to occupy Thailand? Anyhow, we are not interested in this matter. We generally focus on the partner and entrepreneurs in Thailand.

A reporter said, with the compliance of development and a giant research for Alibaba is completed next year. In 2014, coup an army commander led Prayuth said Ma for helping the Thailand while boosting the rice exports, rubber and palm oil, so through this way a great help is made for increasing the farm worker and the country’s income.

Alibaba helps in the development of the online retailing logistic system

Also, Ma told the Thai leader that Alibaba helps you in the development of the logistic system for speed up the farm products delivery. Meanwhile, this is quite a beneficial deal for Thailand. Don’t you think this is the disadvantages for Thailand?

Amazon and Alibaba have expending increasing influences in the region, in which 600 million people are living.  Still, e-commerce has less than the retailer sales of 3 percent. Last month Alibaba announced the investment of $2 billion.