Amazon fast growth

Amazon fast growth

Amazon Trillion dollar market capitalization

Although for now Amazon has defied the laws of investments many analysts say that the Amazon stock is soon going to tumble to less than $700 reducing its market capitalization to less than $600 billon. This is yet to be seen as the stock has been growing steadily for the past couple of years. Amazon is an internet company that mainly focuses on e-commerce, webservices and video content. The reason why Amazon has been so successful over the past couple of years is the fact that it provided the best e-commerce services in the United States. The website is easy to use and the user experience is one of the best. Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos who is still its CEO. The company sold books at first before branching out to other services and products.

How can Amazon reach a trillion dollar market capitalization?

A couple of decades ago a trillion dollar market capitalization seemed to be an extraordinarily difficult task to accomplish, but over the years times have changed and many tech companies have proved that a trillion dollar market capitalization will be reached before the end of 2018. The companies that are at the forefront of the trillion dollar market capitalization are Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and google. This has led many to believe that these companies must be taken down using antitrust laws. Their growth seems to have no end in sight. Amazon needs to buy up more tech companies in order for the company to continue growing.

How did Amazon grow so fast?

Amazon entered the tech scene in the 1990. It grew so fast because during those times there were not so many e-commerce companies. It quickly gained a large proportion of the market and started making a fortune. Its founder and CEO is currently the wealthiest man in the world.