American malls

American malls

The death of the American Malls

During their age American malls where a sign of the glory of capitalism and the free market system. During the age of the American malls there where shopping malls being built everywhere around America.  It was easy to find a shopping mall close to your neighbourhood. However in modern times consumer behavior has changed and malls are constantly dropping in popularity. This means that malls are not as popular as they used to be back in the 80’s. American malls visiting numbers have dropped significantly. E-commerce might be a driving factor in the death of the American Malls.

The new American Malls

There has been what other commentators and analysts have called the new American Malls. These are the large e-commerce marketplaces. E-commerce marketplaces have some similarities with Malls. The most recognizable similarity is the fact that you can find a large variety of products in one place. The basic function or attraction point of shopping malls is that you can find a large variety of products in one place. This is the same attraction point with e-commerce marketplaces. On Amazon customers can find almost everything they need in one place. The e-commerce marketplaces may be dubbed the new American Malls. Another reason to assume that e-commerce is the new American mall is the fact that the internet has more variety of products and services than malls can ever dream of. This is due to the fact that Malls are limited by the space available whereas e-commerce stores can have as many as possible products.

What is causing the death of the American Malls

People no longer have the time to visit malls as people have begun to work harder and longer work hours. The malls are a good way to kill time and a lot of professionals now prefer buying on online e-commerce stores.