Apple reaches a trillion dollars

Apple reaches a trillion dollars

Apple becomes first Tech Company to reach a trillion

There is no doubt that anyone who knows apple would agree that apple is a tech giant to reckon with. If you are in constant touch with media news you will know that apple has finally reached a market capitalization of 1 trillion United States dollars. It is the first company to do so in the United States. Apple is a well-established technology company which has years of experience in the technological sector. Apple has been ranked among the most innovative tech companies for years. This can be attributed to their line of product which is of the highest quality.

The history of Apple

Apple was founded by Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak in a garage. The company was first invested in creating a personal computer for the growing personal computer market. Its main competitor at that time was the software company founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Steve Job the most prominent founder and CEO of apple envisioned building products that where totally out of this world. He pioneered the development of several products such as the macbook, the iphone and the ipod. All these products where huge hits and where able to gather a large following up to this day. The most successful product that apple ever developed was the iphone it is Apple’s best seller.

How Apple reached a trillion dollars’ worth of market cap

The tech giant has hit the headlines for being the first tech company to reach a trillion dollars worth of market cap. Its stock has been growing over the years at an unprecedented pace. A lot of analysts have stated that apple is soon going to be more valuable after releasing the new iphone.