Artificial Intelligence clarifying customers’ doubts

Artificial Intelligence

Most of the customer have some doubt here or there while browsing a product online. Sometimes the answers are there in FAQs, but some customers are too lazy to go there and prefer chatting with anybody from the website to clarify their doubts. Research have shown that there is a high probability of a customer buying a product after having their doubts clarified via chat.

Let me introduce you to a system called chatbots where Artificial Intelligence analyses the customer’s query and provides them a solution. These are similar to Automated phone systems but chatbots add extra steps to resolve customer’s query by being more interactive and intelligent.

Chatbots are interactive repositories of product description and FAQs which can cut down the time it takes for customers to reach product support manager. They engage with the customers in a friendly chat to resolve their queries and keep the human touch minimal thereby saving the costs of business which it spends on its employees. Obviously, an employee can pitch in, in case the query is too complicated for a chatbot to handle.

There are chatbots which can help the children chat with Barbie getting them a firsthand glimpse of the virtual world. Taco Bell has come up with TacoBot which asks all the questions with the customers while taking their orders. Burger King and Pizza Hut have placed their chatbots on facebook messenger and while on facebook a customer can simply chat with these bots and place her order.

Every coin has its flip side. One criticism of chatbots is that they may eat up human jobs. While chatbots are replacing human beings, human beings are becoming important as ever in managing and updating the database of chatbots and taking over from chatbots wherever a customer’s demand becomes complicated.