Automated email marketing

How email marketing works

Automated Email marketing

In this post we will begin by describing what really automated email marketing is. Automated email marketing is marketing that is done through email when you set your automated e-mail marketing tools. For instance the most common automated email marketing tool is actually mail chimp. It allows you to send marketing material to your customers automatically at a certain period. The only thing you should poses is your customers’ email addresses then you can use the automated email marketing platform to send out marketing messages. This is the best chance you have at achieving success in e-commerce. Since most e-commerce marketing occurs online you need to focus on marketing your product and brand online. Email marketing can be used to specifically target certain customers. In order to avoid annoying the customer you can automatically set them to receive email marketing content at a specific period of time. This will prevent you from losing a potential customer.

Automated email marketing at different intervals

To avoid spamming your customer’s inbox you should set the automated email marketing app to deliver marketing materials at a certain time of the month. Sending emails everyday is a sure way to ensure that the customer becomes uninterested in what you are selling. If you are selling a great product there is no need to send your customer constant emails that end up spamming their inbox. My best suggestion will be to send emails once every month.

Automated email marketing for promotions

E-commerce stores hold promotions every time. As an e-commerce customer you should focus on automated email marketing that advertises your promotions. Advertising your promotions has the effect of increasing e-commerce sales. Imagine chopping your prices by 50% during the last weekend of the month. Obviously you need to inform your customers about this reduction in price for them to actually purchase from your store.