Automated retailing vs e-commerce

Automated retailing might be the salvation for brick and mortar retailing.

Automated retailing

Automated retailing is the next big thing in retailing. The question that most observers have is whether automated retailing will turn the tides for the retailing industry. This is due to the fast pace of e-commerce growth. E-commerce growth has been steadily on the rise. This rise has made retailers turn to automated retailing in shops. Although the technology in automated retailing has not been tested well enough. It is thought to be the only technological salvation for the brick and mortar retailing sector.
Automated retailing is a kind of retailing where there is self-service. It differs from traditional retailing in the sense that the customer buys products without the help of anyone. The best part about automated retailing is that it is cost-effective. The cost to run an automated kiosk is cheaper and time effective than running an actual retailing kiosk.

Automated retailing vs e-commerce

Automated retail differs with e-commerce in several ways. Therefore it will only seem natural to see both the downside and the upside of automated retailing and e-commerce. E-commerce retailing and automated retailing have one thing specifically in common. E-commerce is almost entirely automated like automated retail. The reason why automated retailing has not picked up steam yet. This is due to technological hindrance. Although they are already small companies who are engaged in automated retailing. Automated retailing is also still a niche market. It is only common in airports. For instance, there are automated retail machines in Dubai who sell small gold bars.

Credit cards used in both e-commerce and automated retailing

Credit cards have become central to the entire global trading market. It is central for both e-commerce and automated retailing. In automated retailing, the machines verify the purchases through Visa and MasterCard pin code. In e-commerce, the verification method is through one time pins sent to the email.