Black Friday deals in e-commerce

Black Friday deals in e-commerce

Black Friday deals

Black Friday has become an important holiday in the e-commerce world. Although the event began in the United States it has become a worldwide spectacle. People rush to retail stores to buy goods due to their discount prices. The holiday shopping season has reported strong growth over the past several years. The statistics are in and black Friday seems to be succeeding in drawing customers to buy products.

Black Friday deals Statistics

When holiday sales reached a record-breaking $100.7 billion in 2017. Black Friday accounted for more than 5% of all holiday sales. This makes the holiday a much to look at for e-commerce buyers. Online retails account for most of the sales done on black Friday. The idea of Black Friday is to offer an extremely discounted price to online buyers. Buyers tend to get themselves in debt just to afford to buy super good deals on Black Friday.  Sales on Black Friday are up 16% from the previous year.
Black Friday holiday season from 1 November to 24 November has shown a total of $38 billion in e-commerce sales. This shows that black Friday is experiencing around 17.8% growth every year. These sales show the effectiveness of black Friday sales in the e-commerce sector.  All these statistics are provided by Adobe.
Adobe tracked 80% of the 100 online e-commerce companies and determined that every 7.50 USD out of 10 USD goes through its system.

Black Friday deals Sales

According to Adobe Black Friday experiences 54% rise in e-commerce visits. 36 percent of all sales happen on mobile devices. This makes black Friday one of the most popular times to market your e-commerce website. Sales on Black Friday are fuelled by the amazing deals offered on e-commerce stores. Sometimes customers receive as low as 75% off their usual purchasing price.