Business in Eastern countries

Business in Eastern countries

Business in the East

When we talk about the east it is mainly Asia. Business in Asian countries is not easy. However not all Asian countries are the same. Some Asian countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore actually have a high score in the doing-business-index. This means that it is easy to start a business in these countries. Foreign businesses which have tried to expand into the East have sited that it hasn’t come easy. This is due to the multiple regulations and bureaucracy that is involved. The main reason why some western countries want to do business in the east is because Asia is now the largest economy in the world. Two thirds of the world’s population already lives in Asia. This makes it a good business spot for many businesses.

Business in China

The market that most western companies have tried to enter in the last couple of years is the Chinese market. With an increase in population and living standards the Chinese economy has been booming although in recent years it has been steadily slowing down. This may be attributed to several factors. However China has been capable of getting six hundred million people out of poverty and into the middle class. This is a huge achievement for a country that has the largest population in the world. Doing business in China is hard due to the many restrictions put in place by government. China has been described as hostile to foreign companies.

Doing business in the East

Most foreign businesses prefer doing business in destinations such as Hong Kong. Hong Kong has been described as the gateway to the East. The largest stock Exchange in the East is located in Hong Kong. There has been other locations such as Dubai, which have been described as a gateway to the Middle East.