CEO position

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CEO position

CEO stands for chief executive officer. In most companies this is like the top job. The Chief Executive Officer can be thought of as the boss of the company. Most companies that have CEO’s are actually large corporations. When a company is in its infancy this person is referred to as the founder. Most founders end up being the CEO when the company becomes large enough. This help when it comes to managing your company the right way. The CEO position in large companies is very powerful. He is the person who gets to make the toughest decisions that will move the company to the next level. Having a competent CEO means that the company has a higher chance of success in its sector. This position is very competent. Most CEOs hold shares in the company that they run. This is to inspire investor confidence. Investors can become very confident when it comes to having a CEO that actually is very competent.

Holding the CEO position

There has been some scenarios where the CEO is fired by the board in a vote of no confidence. If the board strongly believes that the CEO is actually running the company the wrong direction they have the right to actually fire the CEO and choose a new CEO in his place. This board can notice incompetence in the CEO if sales and stocks start to plummet. One CEO that has been fired by the board is Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was actually fired from apple then returned when apple bought next which was a company that he later founded.

Qualifications for the CEO position

There are certain qualifications that one must have in order to hold the CEO position. Sometimes the only qualification can be competence. If the board strongly believes that someone is competent enough they might hire them as the CEO of the company