Cryptocurrency in e-commerce

There is no doubt that the year 2017 can be dubbed the year of the cryptocurrency. Small e-commerce businesses can benefit a lot from e-commerce. Crypto currency is the name given to all digital currencies used around the world. Specifically Crptocurrency has to use cryptographic encryption in order to avoid anyone from taking advantage of the system and creating transactions that don’t exist. The whole idea of cryptocurrency is to decentralize the payment system. The founder of the crptocurrency wanted to avoid the government and the banks from manipulating the financial sector. The founders of the crptocurrency wrote a white paper talking about the financial sector.

The use of Crptocurrency in e-commerce

The use of crpyocurrency in e-commerce is growing by the day. Crptocurrency technology is constantly being made to be more usable. Bitcoin is the most used cryptocurrency in the world. The cryptocurrency has garnered a lot of support and use in the e-commerce sector. Bitcoin has been a major disrupter in the financial sector. Some people have argued that bitcoin is a more important technological innovation than Apple. This makes bitcoin a major industry disrupter.

The use of Cryptocurrency in small businesses

The use of Cryptocurrency in small businesses is becoming more and more prevalent in the modern sector. The modern e-commerce sector depends mostly on electronic transactions. Bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum. Expanding your business internationally has become easier due to e-commerce transaction. The best part about bitcoin is that it cannot be taxed by governments due to its anonymous nature. Governments cannot tax money if they cannot prove where it comes from.

How to use Cryptocurrency in e-commerce

Cryptocurrency has been made more easy to use on e-commerce websites. Popular gateway systems now have e-commerce embedded in them. Some gateway payment systems are built entirely for bitcoin payments. This makes crptocurrency a major industry disrupter.