Data protection in e-commerce

How e-commerce cloud providers can protect customer data

Data protection

Data protection is everything when it comes to the e-commerce sector. You need to be able to spend money protecting both your data and your customer’s data. Over the past couple of years there has been numerous data breaches. These have been due to poor cyber security measures being taken by the company. The most well known data scandal became public in 2018. It is now known as the facebook data scandal. This is due to the fact that facebook failed to protect its customer’s data from a company known as Cambridge analytica. The data was used for mass propaganda during the Brexit vote and the US presidential elections. To protect data you need to hire the top cyber security company to do all your data protection needs. It has been noted that companies which hire top cyber security experts are actually hard to hack. The biggest threat to data online are hackers.

 Data protection in the financial sector

A large amount of the financial sector now depends on the internet. Almost all major banks have an online presence. This online presence helps them carter for online businesses and online buyers. However the security online has to be top level security. Having top level security is one way to ensure that the financial services industry is actually not disrupted. Most countries cannot afford having the financial services sector being disrupted by hackers. Hackers most of the time try and steal data that can be used to hack customer’s financial accounts. Most e-commerce businesses use third party vendors for all their financial services. One common third party vendor is stripe. It operates as a financial gateway. Offering customers the capacity to make online payments using credit cards. Most e-commerce businesses incorporate third party vendors like these who focus on cyber security.