Digital identity technology

Digital identity technology

A digital Identity

A digital identity is being developed all over the world. A digital identity is seen as a way to prevent fraud related crime. An example of a digital identity is a bitcoin wallet. All bitcoin wallets are unique. This means they are imbeded with the cryptographic hash that is there to secure the bitcoin wallet password. This makes them almost impossible to hack. A digital identity is most likely going to serve the same function but for the digital world. The digital identity will be used by e-commerce companies when conducting fraud related checks and credit checks.

Securing a digital identity

Digital ID need to be hackproof. This means that they need to be safe against hackers. Information in the modern world has become very important and securing it in some kind of way has become second to none. A digital ID is characterized by attributes such as user name, password, online search activities, date of birth. A digital identity is linked to one or more digital identifiers such as email address or social media accounts. Due to the large amounts of information contained in digital identities there is a constant need to protect these identities. Digital identity theft is rampant on the internet this is the main reason why digital identity security is very important in the internet. There are many ways to secure digital identity.

Digital identity in e-commerce

E-commerce are simply electronic transactions that occur on the internet. This makes digital identity a strong part of e-commerce that has to be protected at all costs. In e-commerce due to the financial nature of the transactions securing customer’s digital identities is very crucial. The whole idea behind digital identities in e-commerce is to prevent financial fraud. With powerful fraud detecting technology businesses are able to protect themselves from fraudsters.