Do’s and don’t of social media

Do's and don't of social media

Essential Holiday Social Media Do’s and Dont’s

Do Create Holiday-Themed Cover Photos & Posts

There is essential holiday do’s and don’t that can either make your business a good and profitable one or they can ensure that your business loses customers. You need to be able to get customers to a holiday mood by creating a good design for your e-commerce store. Holiday-themed designs will increase your sales drastically to a new level. It is a great way to showcase your brand personality. You need to have a unique design for your posts and custom images.  

Do Increase Budget for Social media Ads

Remember that this is the busiest time of the year for both the customers and the sellers. You need to take advantage of certain platforms in order to generate large volumes of sales. On holidays there is a high demand for online goods. People tend to buy their loved ones gifts. This has led to holidays being called the rush period for merchants. You should make sure that you have stocked up enough products for the holiday season. As the number of people advertising increases platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram increase the cost per click. You should increase your ad budget a few weeks before the holiday season.

Don’t Forget to Add an End Date to Holiday Ads

You should avoid making loses by adding an end date to holiday ads. Holiday ads should have an end. The discounts on your store should have a specific expiration date. This part of e-commerce is often overlooked and it can cause a lot of headaches. For example, a Christmas discount should expire a few days after Christmas.

Don’t Neglect Your Customers on social media

You should remember to check your social media platforms daily with any questions, praise, and complaints. A lot of customers like taking to social media is they have any questions or queries.