E-commerce and firearms


E-commerce and firearms

The debate on the second amendment is still raging in the United States. The debate is based on gun control. The argument from the right side of the political spectrum is that the second amendment was created to protect the citizens of the United States from a tyrannical government.  This means that firearms are there to protect the liberties of the people. The left side of the political spectrum argues that firearms are the cause of too many murders, therefore, the government should introduce gun laws for the safety of the people. E-commerce firearms are guns purchased on e-commerce stores. The question that a lot of gun skeptics have is how the government will control gun purchases done online. They have argued that mentally unstable people can simply buy guns online using another person’s identification. This debate has raged on and on. The protest has become worse when a mass shooting occurs in the United States.

E-commerce firearms stores

Nowadays the need to visit a firearms store in order to buy a gun has become unnecessary as they are now gun stores licensed to sell guns online. A lot of gun skeptics are concerned that the e-commerce firearms stores are not able to conduct enough background check. Someone who is a criminal is now able to buy a gun with the intent to rob a store. The e-commerce sector has changed the debate and this has also affected the political landscape.

e-commerce firearms stores that are popular

Some of the most known firearms stores are gunbrokers.net and gunsforamerica.com. These stores sell a lot of guns online. One e-commerce store which became infamous for selling firearms illegally was Silk Road. There have been several darknet marketplaces that have come after Silk Road. Alphabay is a popular darknet marketplace that sells illegal firearms.