E-commerce promotions to boost your sales

E-commerce promotions to boost your sales

E-commerce promotions

E-commerce promotions are promotions offered by e-commerce stores in order to drive sales. Sometimes e-commerce stores offer promotions by reducing the prices on certain days of the year. Some e-commerce businesses offer month end promotions in-order to capture a large number of employees who get paid monthly. Reducing prices or offering some kind of promotion allows them to afford the goods. Some promotions are just psychological pricing. This is when e-commerce business owners just put a 20% off whilst the price remains the same. However, you should notice that this kind of psychological pricing only works if the e-commerce store sells unique products that are not available anywhere else.

Price reduction promotions

Price reduction promotions are the most common types of promotions. Price reduction includes reducing prices in order to drive customers to your website. This kind of promotion usually has a time frame. Most e-commerce sellers usually place the amount of time left for the promotion to end.

Buy one get one free promotions

They are some periods during the year where sellers attract customers by offering a buy one get one free promotion. Usually, what the business owner loses in profits they gain in sales. This is usually true about pizza outlets. They sometimes offer free pizza if you purchase one. Usually, these promotions are called after the day of the month when they occur. For example Pizza Tuesday, Pizza Monday or Pizza Wednesdays.

Freebies promotions

Giving freebies to customers sometimes helps. This is especially common for kids. Kids are influential to their parents. Therefore offering them free toys and gifts will work in order to lure them to your site. Giving someone freebies will be helpful in capturing their attention. You should not give large gifts as freebies unless your customers have already bought something.