E-commerce role in online entertainment

E-commerce role in online entertainment
Online entertainment

When people think about the e-commerce sector they mostly consider the purchasing of products online. However, there is subscription based e-commerce which includes the online entertainment sector. Some of the biggest ecommerce entertainment companies include Amazon, Netflix, hulu, and Spotify. These companies depend a lot on the subscription based model. Online entertainment has taken over the entertainment sector. Long ago we used to watch television nowadays people have replaced television with Netflix. Another change in entertainment is Spotify which has taken over the online entertainment sector by storm. It is a music playing platform. The way we entertain ourselves has been drastically changed by the e-commerce sector.

The cost of online entertainment

The cost of online entertainment has been drastically reduced by the ecommerce sector a technological advancement in the sector. The whole idea of the e-commerce sector is to allow the consumer and the buyer to complete transactions online. For instance, the subscription cost of Netflix starts at $10.99 USD. The whole idea of e-commerce technological advancement is to try and make services cheaper and more accessible to everyone. Spotify subscriptions costs begin at only $4.99 USD.

Online entertainment is causing piracy

There is also the idea that online e-commerce is the main engine for piracy, especially in developing countries. In developing countries, internet access is too expensive for the average person. This makes online entertainment quite the hustle, therefore, small companies download movies online and sell them to the public for mere costs. This jeopardises the entire idea of the online entertainment industry.

Online entertainment companies

There are hundreds of online entertainment companies but over the past several years certain companies have emerged as industry leaders. The e-commerce technology has enabled low cost access for people around the world, therefore, enabling entertainment to be accessible to everyone.