E-commerce services sector

E-commerce services

E-commerce services sector.

A lot of people think about the retail of goods online when you say “e-commerce”. E-commerce, on the other hand, is simply electronic commerce. It is the sale of goods and services online. Amazon is a large services provider. It is now a major player in the web hosting and cloud computing sector. Amazon already hosts more than five hundred thousand websites. Large business websites such as UpWork use Amazon web services. This is services part of the e-commerce service sector. Now there are online job marketplaces on where customers can receive e-commerce services online.

Amazon e-commerce service

Amazon web services offer hosting services to large companies. This means that large companies can invest less in buying servers or building large data centers. E-commerce services are as popular as products. Imagine that Facebook and Google make their revenue purely from offering marketing services. The business to the business model is the one that takes up more than 60% of the e-commerce sector. Amazon offers its services mainly to other businesses.

E-commerce services for businesses

These days’ companies no longer have to struggle in order to find employees. This has been made easy through job classified sites. Let’s imagine that a small company wants to hire a digital marketer. They can easily do this by going on Fiverr. On Fiverr they can find employees for any electronic work. The best part about Fiverr is that you can hire people from the developing world who can accept low wages.

Social media e-commerce services  

Social media services are some of the most popular services offered by digital companies. E-commerce companies depend a lot on social media services. Smaller digital marketing companies depend on offering their services on the e-commerce platform. Since electronic commerce is simply business done online then social media marketing is an online business.