E-commerce start-ups

E-commerce start-ups

E-commerce start-ups

There are several e-commerce start-ups that have captured the imagination of the public. It is no longer enough to just place an e-commerce store that sells stuff in-order to capture the imagination of your customers. E-commerce start-ups have become more competitive and creative. This has led to niche e-commerce. Where a specific e-commerce startup focuses on a certain product or service that no other company does.

E-commerce start-ups: Creative Marketplace

The creative marketplace is an online marketplace for community generated designs. The marketplace is for purchasing themes, stock photos and digital goods. Creative marketplace’s main competitor is Envato Marketplace which is based in Australia.

E-commerce start-ups in the food sector

E-commerce start-ups also exist in the food sector. One popular start-up is Blue Apron. Blue Apron is an American ingredient and recipe services start-up. The start-up focuses on selling customers recipes and ingredients to prepare a meal. This start-up is already listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In September the company had already shipped out more than 8 million food servings. The only problem is that the company only operates in the United States.  Unfortunately, blue Apron has lost about 80% of its value since going public.

Fascinating e-commerce startups

They are other fascinating e-commerce startups around the world. Another amazing e-commerce startup is Tommy. They sell shoes. They have a compelling marketing strategy. In this case, they will match every pair of shoes purchased with a gift to someone needy in a third world country.

E-commerce start-ups that sell apparel

They are e-commerce start-ups like Everlane who sell minimalistic apparel which is trendy at the moment. The whole idea of the start-up is to provide customers with stylish but yet simplistic clothes. The brand has captured the imagination of many people around the world. Their e-commerce niche is becoming the mainstream.