Economic impact of e-commerce

Economic impact of e-commerce
Economic effects of E-commerce

The economic effects of e-commerce are economic impacts that have been caused by e-commerce directly or indirectly. There is no doubt that e-commerce has had an impact on the local and global economy. These effects have been both negative and positive. They say the first time the world became truly global was when humans started sailing around the world. The world e-economy truly became global with the advent of the internet. The internet brought a lot of possibilities. These possibilities. The endless possibilities that came with the internet gave rise to e-commerce. Although they were several e-commerce stores on the internet during the 90s, none of them captured the imaginations of people like amazon and Ebay. These two rose to become giants in the e-commerce sector. The e-commerce sector has drastically affected the world economy.

The economic implications of e-commerce

There are economic implications of e-commerce trickle down globally even to the third world. Buying online has facilitated global trade. This has caused the death of many companies in the third world especially in the manufacturing sector. The manufacturing sector in third world countries such as countries in Africa and South America. Due to second hand clothing bales influx into Africa from Europe and America the African clothes making sector has been decimated.

The economic benefits of e-commerce

E-commerce also comes with some economic benefits. Economic benefits of e-commerce are numerous. Farmers in remote areas now can sell their products to first countries who have the money to pay for the goods. This goes a long way to diversify the global economy and link it. The best main purpose of e-commerce to the global economy is to make research easier. Long ago it was costly to find out the latest products and the price of the product.