Email marketing: Back from the digital stone-age

Email marketing: Back from the digital stone-age

Email marketing: Back from the digital stone-age

Email marketing has been unsuccessful in the world of marketing for many years.  Some marketers consider it as the relic of the digital stone- age.
However, there is emerging a rapid change in this. Due to the modern technology, email marketing is being changed from a stagnant process to a dynamic one: not just in the interactive area but also in the management side.

Email more acceptable

As people are being more interested in online shopping, they are also increasingly accepting the emails regarding marketing. By signing up for the weekly or even daily newsletter, one can get relevant deals and discounts straight to their inbox.  This is an effective marketing strategy of emails and every single website has got an email subscription to grab the customers.
The bypassing of email form pages (click- to- Call) and click trigger (read to lead) are the ones highlighting the growing emails functionality. Usually in email campaigns, readers need to click on a link to access further information.  From there a form needs to be filled on the webpage. Since people usually do not prefer to fill the form, so the drop-off rate for this is high. Further, if one clicks on ‘’click to call’’ technology, the form goes to a call agent and the customer gets a call back depending on the company having details of the customer.

Tracking email behaviour

Read-to-lead is another technology that allows company’s to track the user’s interest on emails and there is an updating database that logs individual user’s clicks. For instance, if a pet insurance company finds out that a particular user has clicked more than three email articles, a call agent is notified to call him/her after the recent click.  This increases the customer engagement and the sales.
It does not require advanced programming skills, for the email campaigns is not a difficult task to do. Most marketers just need an afternoon to make an email campaign ready.

It’s the content that matters

Along with technology, content is also very important for improving email experience. Marketers need to be aware about what relevant and helpful content are they providing to the clients.
Above all, marketers need to send emails to the users who would want to receive them. This could help email marketing to get out of the stone age.