Ethical Fashion: How Retail Can Support Humanitarianism

Ethical Fashion at Accompnay

Ethical fashion has become more of a priority over the years. There is also an increasing concern over the state of garment workers. Over 1,1oo factory workers were killed when an 8-story building named Rana Plaza collapsed in Bangladesh in 2013. Over 2,200 workers were wounded. This horrific incident prompted consumers to consider who makes the clothes we wear and what kind of conditions these people are living in.

As consumers are becoming more conscious about their purchases, they are recognizing their power to make a difference. With ethical fashion, consumers can help out and feel good about the clothes they wear. The following will explore ethical fashion and who is using it:

Who Is Selling Ethical Fashion?
Ethical Fashion at Accompany US
Accompany’s Flipping Zebras Kimono Dress

Accompany  is an ethical fashion company that supports humanitarian and philanthropic causes. They support these causes by selling handmade and artisanal goods through fair trade practices. Additionally, Accompany searches the globe for beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces. Their stores contain a mix of culture and flawless design.

Everything Accompany does has a positive human impact. They support artisans from remote regions by promoting their indigenous crafts. Accompany also set up fair trade workshops that pay above average wages and have excellent working conditions. Furthermore,these workshops have capacity building and training in poor areas.

Accompany tripled the amount of brands they work with in only 3 years. As Accompany becomes more successful, they keep a delicate balance between original work and modern design. They respect artisans’ craft and traditions while giving the products a modern touch to make them marketable. Finally, Accompany understands that the key to attractive products is a combination of modern design and timeless tradition.

While Accompany is expanding, they are careful not to commercialize the heritage of craftwork. They also don’t want to appropriate the artisans’ culture. To prevent this, Accompany maintains respect and representation. Respect is always the most important factor in their exercise.