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Connecting with the Client: Communicate with Online Customers in Real-time

Connecting with the Client: Let’s learn how to strengthen online customer relationships with some snacks!

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The lack of personal interaction between online businesses and their customers may deter some people from online shopping. Additionally, online customers may have problems finding what they need or placing orders. Michael Lebor is founder of Flower.com and CEO of Chat And. He offers solutions to client connection problems. Michael will be speaking at our upcoming Magento/ eCommerce Meetup at 7:00 p.m. at Hara Partners’ Midtown Manhattan loft. Here is a brief overview of what to expect:

-Michael Lebor

CEO, Chat And

Chat And understands the importance of connecting with the client. They are a no download “SaaS” collaborative chat application that allows a company’s live sales and support staff to connect with customers via 1-to-1 real-time sessions. Chat And also has a virtual “e-showroom” that recreates the face-to-face experience a customer has with a person in a retail showroom. Furthermore, the online assistant can take over website navigation for customers as if they were live and in-person. This is great for online businesses because assistants can help confused customers and therefore prevent complications with orders.

Michael Lebor has extensive management and operational experience. Before Chat And, Michael Lebor was the Founder & CEO of Flower.com. Flower.com became one of the largest national eCommerce sellers of online flowers & gifts. After Flower.com, Michael acquired ABC Target Store Fixtures–a prominent mail order store fixture company. He then merged with M. Fried Store Fixtures to create one of the largest distributors on the East Coast. Finally, Michael is a partner in an eCommerce consulting company called Huge Medium.


Micheal is a pioneer in the relatively new field of eCommerce video chat engagement & collaboration. You don’t want to miss his talk if you want your company to stay ahead of the curve. More importantly, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to learn how to connect with the client!

Don’t forget, free beer and networking! We can’t wait to see every one!!


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