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Increase Conversion Rates with Customer Video Reviews

Topic: Enhancing The Shopping Experience With Video Reviews to Increase Conversion.

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For our November installment we are excited to have Criteek’s VP of Customer Engagement and Revenue

Shoppers are abandoning 68% of online shopping carts.  Why?  Bad processes and prices account for around half, but lack of engagement accounts for the rest.  Static photos, marketing hype and sketchy text reviews aren’t cutting it for cynical, short-attention spanned, mobile and desktop shoppers.

They come –

they’re not wowed –

they look for the truth elsewhere –

And they don’t come back.  Everyone knows video engages, but is it realistic to expect busy eCommerce marketers like you to become production houses: pay for and manage ongoing video production, curate, and host videos for all your products?  Even if you could produce your own videos, shoppers trust other shoppers  more than they trust you. That’s a fact. Creating enough authentic video content to attract and convert customers is the Achilles heel of “content marketing”.  This session will answer the question: How can I take advantage of customer-generated video reviews to increase my conversion rates – without straining my staff or resources?

Speaker: Denise O’Connor – Vice President, Criteek


Denise O’Connor of Criteek

Denise O'Connor – Vice President, CriteekDenise is the VP of Customer Engagement for Criteek.  She leads the customer engagement and revenue generation efforts for the digital tech start-up Criteek – a user gen. video product review platform for brands, retailers and a variety of savvy companies and organizations.  Denise is responsible for crafting and executing the customer acquisition and partnership strategy ensuring value and revenue acceleration for her clients.
Previously Denise was Group Publisher of Cynopsis Media – the leading digital trade publisher for the television and digital media industries.  Prior to that she held senior management positions at the National Association of Television Program Executives, Broadcasting & Cable Magazine and The Disney Channel – while also consulting for a variety of Tech start-ups, TV Networks and Studios.
Criteek is the first ever customer generated video product review platform – that lets shoppers record, upload, watch and share video reviews right on a brand or retailer’s product page.

A little something about Criteek

Criteek - customer review videos

The online shopping experience is not meeting consumers’ expectations.  Products, retail, services –there’s a shortage of engaging authentic information about the things they’re looking to spend money on.  Text and pictures are nice – but this is 2016.  Consumers want video.  Video of the product – the hotel – the spa.  Whatever.

Producing ongoing video content is a stretch for most marketers.  It’s time consuming and expensive for starters and shoppers trust other shoppers 12x more than they trust marketers anyway – so it wouldn’t be money well spent even if you could pull it off and sustain it.

Virtually all consumers have smartphones with HD video cameras – and know how to use them.  They’re already uploading hundreds of hours of video online every minute.  You just need an easy way to channel that phenomenon to create a sustainable pipeline of video that will drive conversion and amplify your SEO.

Criteek help you generate, manage and use consumer video reviews to increase customer engagement and sell more stuff.


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