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Social Media Marketing: How to Drive eCommerce Sales

Social Media Marketing: Let’s learn how to improve online business!

Welcome back to the eCommerce forum!

Social media marketing uses social media to market products as well as services. The goal is to make content that users will share with their network. 74% of American Internet-users have social media so this is a helpful tool for online companies. We have an amazing speaker for our upcoming eCommerce Meetup. He will teach us how to improve online business sales with social media. This event will take place at 6:00 p.m., December 10, 2014 at our Midtown loft in New York. Here is a brief overview of what to expect:


Eric Schwamberger

Partner, Chief Marketing & Content Officer,  Tenthwave

Tenthwave  is a digital agency that increases companies’ market share. More specifically, they make campaigns, content and media. Tenthwave also makes marketing programs using these channels:

  • –  digital
  • – social
  • – search
  • – influencer
  • – shopper
  • – mobile

Finally, they create analytic reports on social campaigns’ performances. Tenthwave  also maximizes engagement by refining their campaign tools.


Eric Schwamberger is Partner and Chief Marketing & Content Officer at Tenthwave. His vast experience makes him an expert in social media marketing. Eric has 20 years of  experience with:

  • – digital marketing
  • – branding
  • – process management
  • – strategy
  • – relationship marketing
  • – eBusiness

Eric also founded Zezza Network in 2005. This agency specialized in strategic insight, brand development and social media strategy.  In 2010, he merged Zezza with Tenthwave.

Eric managed strategic and production teams at Grey, Ogilvy, Eagle River/Agency.com, i33, and IDSociety. In the early 1990s, he made some of the first branded content on the web at Einstein and Sandom. Additionally, they were the first interactive marketing agency.

Finally, Eric is a speaker and author. His work was in Forbes and Advertising Age. Eric also sits on the Board of Entrepreneurs at Venture for America. He is a member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences .

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn about social media marketing! Also, free beer and snacks!

Social Media Marketing

*This event is sponsored by the eCommerce forum.*