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eCommerce trends in 2018: messaging as a lead generation in marketing & sales

eCommerce trends in 2018

Instant messaging is probably the fastest-growing trend and one of the most powerful weapons for marketers today. Still don’t believe it? We’re ready to prove it.

The event will cover such topics as the future of marketing, lead conversions, social media content, branding and messaging as lead campaigns for the e-commerce industry in 2018. Also, we’d like to share some thoughts about marketing tools and why its implementation is a win-win situation from our perspective. CMO’s, store owners, e-commerce managers, and sales representatives are invited.

Starta Accelerator is hosting this event in collaboration with keynote speakers from Digital Marauders (creates ecommerce websites, iOS & Android apps along with marketing, brand identity, user acquisition) and Botscape (builds a tool for online stores with a view to help in acquiring and engaging potential customers through Facebook Messenger).