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eTail West 2018

eTail West 2018


E tail Conference: Revolutionizing the Retail Sector

Where we started: Our Journey

It has being a humbling experience for us throughout the years. We were born in 1999 and we are proud that we are the greatest platform in America where successful retailers come together and learn.

Our dedication and determination to this cause has enabled us to see history being made. Where were there when Amazon made its first profit. We were there when Facebook was launched; when Steve Jobs Engineered the iphone and most importantly we were there when history was being shaped.

We specialize on the most disruptive content and technology in the retail industry. Today we are proud to stand tall and announce that we are a global conference series with major events around the world; from London to Berlin and from Toronto to other major cities in the world.

Who We Are

We are the crème de la crème of retail conferences having hosted 9 of them worldwide in 2015.

We are an international global conference proud to be the best in the retail industry

Why We Exist: Our purpose

To provide targeted and unique content

How else do you plan for the future if you are not aware of innovations in your industry? Our purpose is to provide content from retail innovators to enable you cut out fluff and at the same time increase your profits.

In a nutshell we are where the best minds in the retail industry meet to discuss what really matters.

To create a Community of Retailers

Collaboration is key, it has always being .Together we achieve and we change the world. Retailer’s from all over the world meet and discuss disruptions and opportunities in their industry.

To provide a platform for meeting policy makers

Silicon valley did not grow by itself. It needed policy makers to back it up. Polices in the retail sector determines how successful we will be. E tail s proud to be part of this amazing opportunity.

The Grand Event: February 26

This conference is expected to be revolutionary. To add spice to chicken we will have revolutionary leaders who will attend the conference as guests chief speakers.

Some of the revolutionary leaders include;

Udayan Bose Founder and CEO, NetElxr

Wes MacLaggan, SVP, Marketing, Marin Software

John Palek, Director, Sales, Your Amigo

Husein Ebied, Sr. Director, Strategy, Pacific

Zack Goldman, Manager, Solutions Analytics, Sidecar

Yael CItro, Vp, Marketing ,Twiggle

Elijah Kirsch, Vp ,Marketing, Us Auto Parts

Important discussions will include;

Best SEO and SEM Practices To Implement Today For Tomorrow

SXO Versus SEO- What truly works For Your Brand

Verbal Search and Its Impact

Mobile SEO Workshop: Mobile 2018, Is your SEO Ready For Google?

Important: The Grand Opening Reception of The e tail Western Saloon will take place  from 5:45-7:45 pm

The Venue

The conference will be hosted in the iconic town of palm spring. This was strategically chosen due to its artistic and iconic beauty

What does Palm Spring Have To Offer

An Aerial Tram to Jacinto State Park

Nature Trail to The Indian Canyons

Majestic estates and Lush golf courses in Coachella Valley

Joshua National park