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How to Combine SEO and UX to Maximize the ROI of a Website

Your clients know they need a website but how do they know that your design firm will maximize their return on investment (ROI)? Are you losing potential clients because you don’t have a good answer?

Measuring and optimizing a website is an ongoing, cyclical process that involves getting the right people to your website and providing a positive experience once they’re there. Besides measuring e-commerce sales or page visits, how do you know the website is doing its job? In working with design firms, we’ve noticed a common issue: they’re not measuring or optimizing the website’s ROI.

In this talk, you’ll learn how to combine the powers of SEO, analytics, and a positive user experience to maximize the ROI of your clients’ websites. You’ll learn:

  • How to incorporate SEO into site designs without sacrificing the user experience
  • How to set user experience goals and metrics.
  • How to use analytics to track those metrics.
  • What steps to take when goals aren’t being met.

As a result, you’ll be able to demonstrate added value to your client with your ability to

  • design an effective traffic-driving and user-friendly site, and
  • continually measure and optimize the success of their web presence.

About the speakers

As founder and director of UX at HT Design StudioHeidi Trost works with businesses to ensure their clients’ digital experiences lead to increased revenue and conversions and prevent wasted resources by putting real life into the digital world. HT Design Studio’s proprietary framework, the L.I.V.E. Digital Method, emphasizes setting user experience metrics that align with business goals, talking to real customers, observing behavior, and benchmarking against best-in-class standards in order to make powerful, results-driven recommendations for digital products.

Pam Aungst, President of Pam Ann Marketing, LLC and Stealth™ Search & Analytics, is widely recognized as an expert in search engine optimization (SEO) and digital advertising analytics. A self-proclaimed “geek”, Pam began studying computer programming at 6 years old, started creating websites in 1997 and has been working professionally in the field of e-commerce since 2005. Referred to by Sprout Social as a “Twitter Success Story,” she harnessed the power of social media to launch her own agency in 2011, and recently launched Stealth™ Search & Analytics, a company that offers highly customized, private-label SEO, PPC, and analytics services to marketing agencies.