Experience New Ways of Shopping by the Year 2020

Shopping affects everyone, from new born babies to elderlies, everyone has a need for shopping. Over the past few decades, shopping has become an easier process than what it used to be traditionally. With online websites and classifieds, anyone can now buy or sell anything from the comfort of their own house. However, even with a lot of these simplifications, the recent retail exhibition held in January 2018 by NRF has revealed many unique technological innovations that will change the way you shop by 2020.

DASH Robot Shopping Cart

Dash Shopping Robot

Going to a grocery store sometimes feels like a drag, especially when you have a long list of items that you need to search and buy. Well, by 2020, gone will be the days when you had to search, check and buy the items on your list, DASH Robot Shopping Cart will take care of everything you need. It guides you around the store on the fastest route, stops at the items you have to buy, accepts payments and even escorts you to your vehicle before finally returning to the store on its own.

Starship Technology’s Robots

Starship Technologys Robot

Last minute trips to grocery store can be filled with drama and stress. You have to get to the store in time, search and buy the item and see if you can still make it back in time. With the revolutionary robots from Starship Technologies, cinematic last minute adventures can be avoided. You can order in at any time and track your order progress on your device from the store to your door step.


Volumental Foot Measurement Fit Engine

There is no decision harder than choosing which pair of shoes to buy and hence, each and every one of us has wasted a huge amount of time in doing so. Volumental has come up with an interesting solution to this widespread dilemma. Their highly accurate 3D foot scanning system combined with an advanced AI ‘Fit Engine’ can instantly recommend a pair of shoes that are matched based on an individual’s preferences and autonomy.

Satisfi Lab’s AI

Satisfi Lab’s AI

Gone are the days when you used to roam around the mall lost and confused between what to buy and what not to. In the year 2020, your entire mall related confusions and queries can be answered by Satisfi Lab’s AI platform. Its chatbot can help you find interesting shopping deals, answer questions related to product availability and even navigate you to the ice-cream shop at the far end.

The year 2020 is just around the corner. Most of these innovations displayed at the NRF exhibition 2018 have already partnered with retailers and are gradually progressing towards the future. With technical innovations like these, shopping is bound to become a much more fun and easy process.