Facebook Marketing guide

Facebook Marketing guide
Short Facebook Marketing guide

Facebook is the most popular social media platform and now has more than 1,6 billion users around the globe it is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. This means that anyone with an internet device and access to the internet can use the platform. There are many reasons why different entities use Facebook, but in e-commerce the most popular use of Facebook is to market products and brands.

How to Facebook Marketing works

There are many forms of Facebook marketing techniques used by e-commerce marketers. The most common forms of Facebook marketing are sharing by and paid marketing. Both of these work very well. It only depends on the size of the company. The Facebook sharing for of marketing is usually used by smaller companies that don’t have the finances to pay for advertising. Larger companies prefer paid advertising where they hire professionals who market their brand for them. Paid advertising is very effective in reaching a certain demographic.

Paid Facebook marketing

Facebook paid advertising is easier to use and it depends a lot on targeting a certain demographic. For instance an e-commerce store owner can target people leaving in Los Angeles who are aged between 18 and 27 years. This is a special feature in marketing that is popular on Facebook. Paid advertising is a special feature that is very expensive to beginner e-commerce businesses. This is why it is advised to use it when your business is growing.

Facebook Marketing through sharing

For small businesses the most popularly used form of marketing is sharing. Sharing occurs when Facebook friends actually share your product or brands to their friends and followers. Due to the high level of trust amongst friend this form of advertising has a high conversion rate. Facebook advertising for small businesses depends on creating a loyal following.