Facebook news feeds

Facebook news feeds

Ways small businesses can compete in Facebook news feeds.

Facebook now has more than 1.3 billion active daily users around the globe. This makes Facebook a die for a platform for brands and businesses. Small businesses looking to increase brand awareness and their visibility have gone to Facebook platform. Facebook allows brands to increase their visibility on a small budget. Facebook ads are cheap they start from as little as five dollars a day. Compared to traditional marketing platforms such as television and newspaper Facebook provides a cheap platform for small businesses to advertise their products. The Facebook platform gives startup shops a chance to compete with big businesses on Facebook feeds.  This has increased Facebook’s success and created an image that Facebook is an affordable marketing platform.

Facebook news feeds recent algorithm update

Facebook’s recent algorithm update now worries small businesses because it focuses more on interactions between family and friends. Facebook’s new algorithm shows less content on businesses and brands. This means that small and medium businesses now have to create content that engages the public in order for them to appear on Facebook feeds. This means that it is now a bit expensive for the customer to see you in their news feed. Ads are going to be more expensive in the next coming months. The Facebook algorithm will affect referral traffic and videos. Facebook says that the impact of the algorithm will vary from page to page.

Share engaging content in order to appear more on Facebook feeds

You will need to share engaging content in order to appear on Facebook feeds more. You will need your content to be original and natural as possible. This means that you cannot just be posting content as if you are a bot. This comes after Facebook’s recent data scandal.