Finding a co-founder for your business

Finding a co-founder

Most companies are actually founded by more than one person. This is due to the fact that in the early stages you cannot have all the skills required to run your company on your own. Especially is the company is an e-commerce company. This means that you need a co-founder. Most people have a hard time finding a co-founder. However people who are in college or university tend to find this very easy as there are many like minded people in the same area. In order to find a co-founder you need to find a person who has different skill set from you. For instance if you are not a tech savvy person but a business person you can find a tech savvy person and he can take the role of chief technology officer. This is probably the second most important role after the CEO. He can run the technological aspects of the company. This will actually catapult your company to the next level.

Finding a co-founder online

There are some scenarios where you might have already raised the funds to start a business. In this scenario you can find a co-founder online. Although most people prefer meeting the co-founder in person it is highly unnecessary. You can use sites such as angel list. In such platforms you will find a lot of people who are ready to join a company in its infancy. Experienced people in their 40s prefer joining more solid companies that have actually produced some terrific results. This helps them in terms of avoiding making a financial blunder. You will need to offer these people a certain amount of shares every year including their salary and some benefits for working in your company.