Form a startup accelerator

Form a startup accelerator

How to form your own startup accelerator

There are plenty of methods you can use to start your own start up accelerator. However there is one specific thing that you need. You need a lot of money. First lets analyse what startup accelerators actually do. Startup accelerators are the main breeding areas for startup businesses. One example of a startup accelerator is Y-combinator or tech stars. This startup accelerators are privately owned. Their sole purposes are to ensure that businesses are actually growing and making a profit. Startup accelerators also invest in businesses and offer them mentorship and advise. On the final day of a startup accelerator they appear before a group of investors and pitch their business. Most startups leave accelerators with an investment deal in their hands.

Form your own startup accelerator by raising the funds required

The first step to starting your own startup accelerator is to raise the funds to invest in those startup businesses. If you have these funds your journey to starting a startup accelerator is on its way to success. For instance a startup accelerator typically invests $50,000 to $100,000 worth of investments, in exchange for equity. In this scenario your company will give them a share in the ownership of your firm. In e-commerce this is the same. Although a few companies now invest purely on e-commerce startups. This is due to the fact that the market is already flooded.

Start as an investor when forming your own startup accelerator.

The best way to form an accelerator is to actually start as an investor. This will ensure that you have the skills required to build a successful accelerator. It is a difficult task building a startup accelerator and you will need all the knowledge you can get.