Free shipping benefits


Offering customers free shipping

Free shipping

Increasing sales through offering free shipping is one of the most common e-commerce strategies. Free shipping tends to influence e-commerce customers to buy. However many novice e-commerce entrepreneurs still don’t understand how free shipping works. Free shipping is when a buyer doesn’t have to pay for shipping costs when buying products online. Shipping costs are a huge determining factor when it comes to online sales. If you want to make a lot of sales you need to start considering free shipping as a marketing strategy. Sales made from free shipping e-commerce business usually vastly out-compete sales made by companies that don’t offer free shipping. Many e-commerce entrepreneurs actually say that they cannot offer free shipping to their customer due to the low-profit margins. Unlike big companies that can negotiate the prices of products, they do not have that leverage when it comes to the market. Big companies can also negotiate the price for shipping. This is due to their sheer scale.


Delivering packages for free shipping yourself.

The best thing you could do in order to save money is to try and make the deliveries yourself. When you make the deliveries yourself you are able to save money through avoiding paying delivery companies like USPS. Especially if the buyers are located in your city of operation. For instance, if you are selling perishable goods online it will be best if you sell your goods in the city that you live. This will ensure that they receive their goods in time free of charge. There is nothing that an e-commerce buyer love more than cheap or free timely deliveries.

Offering free shipping through purchase minimums

Some e-commerce business owners use the strategy of purchase minimums. This includes setting a minimum which customers have to purchase from your site in order to get free shipping. This will cut your losses by increasing your sales.