Full-time entrepreneur

Full-time entrepreneur

Becoming a full-time entrepreneur

Start part-time in your journey of becoming a full-time entrepreneur

One advice I always give novice e-commerce business entrepreneur is to take calculated risks. Never just quit your job when you think of starting a business. The best you could do is to build your business from home first and to conduct your business part-time during the first stages of your business. This will help you a lot with paying the bills for the first couple of months. The problem with starting a business without a source of personal income is that you will have to be borrowing money. Businesses don’t make a profit in their first stages. This is why you would need a job to cover your personal expenses and pay the bills. 

Become a fulltime entrepreneur from home

When you decide that now it’s time to quit your job because your e-commerce business is now generating enough revenue the best place to start is in your home. There are many advantages that are associated with starting an e-commerce business at home. The most prominent one being the fact that you save a lot on rent. Saving money on rent is helpful to e-commerce entrepreneurs. You even get a little extra time to pick up kids from school and do a daily routine.
There are many challenges to becoming a full-time entrepreneur. Some of these challenges include marketing. As a small business owner you will have a smaller budget this means that you will need to use your funds wisely. You cannot afford to lose any funds. You will have to choose effective marketing techniques. Paid advertising using Google or Facebook has been proven to be one of the most effective kinds of e-commerce marketing.
As you progress in your journey as an entrepreneur you will have to build a team to work with. This is how you know that you are now a full-time entrepreneur.