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Gaming industry

The gaming industry has grown over the past couple of years. This might be mainly attributed to the internet. As many people use the internet the more popular games become. This can also be attributed to online advertising. Long ago the only way to know when a game was out was to watch the television or ask friends.

With modern reliance on internet we now can search for any game. People are now also able to buy games online which means that the gaming industry is now more flexible than before. This has increased popularity in gaming especially in Asian countries. People now have more internet capable devices than before. Most game developing companies have taken advantage of this by initiating games that can be played online. Some people however still prefer the old fashion way of purchasing games online and then having them delivered to your home through regular mail in the form of a disk.

Gaming industry in Asia

Due to its massive population Asia is the most lucrative market for selling games. Asian countries such as China have more than a billion people. This means that you have more than half the world’s population residing in Asia. With the popularity of smartphones many game developers have turned their attention to mobile gaming. In this region mobile gaming has become an important part of everyday life. This might be attributed to the fact that people spend a large amount of their time on mobile devices than personal computers. Further more mobile devices offer them flexibility. This means that you can carry a mobile device anywhere.

Gaming industry in North America

The gaming industry in North America was mostly characterized by console gaming till now. Mobile online games have become popular as well. As smartphones develop further there seems to be a desire to use them more.