How does your business compare? Budget spent on marketing is 11.1% according to CMO

How does your business compare? Budget spent on marketing is 11.1% according to CMOAverage marketing percentage is 11.1% according to CMO

Businesses budgets are spent 11.1% on the activity of marketing at average point. According to the research conducted by The CMO Survey, it was found that the average budget that is 11.1% is spent on marketing. The charts of the research show that 11.1% is the quantity spend by the businesses on marketing. If you are spending less than 11.1% then it means you are spending very less and need to reconsider opportunities.

Different sectors have different marketing strategies according to CMO

In various sectors in the marketing fields, the research has found that numerous marketing sectors spend different amounts. There are plenty of industries that spend more than what others are spending. According to the surveys, the charts the research produced show that the sector of energy has the highest average marketing spending that is 21.4%. After that, it is followed by the Healthcare sector, which has 13.0% of spending, moreover, the media and tech industries having a budget of 12.6% the least budget being.

Domination of Digital marketing through CMO survey

According to the survey, is the mining and construction that is -2.5%. In addition, the domination of Digital marketing is also a dominating sector across B2C and BCB if compared with the traditional marketing spent.
Marketing also has 7.9% of the revenues, which shows similarities in between the budget that is assigned and the revenues percentages spent. According to the research, the highest revenue according to the marketing spent is of customer services industry that is 18.9% and the sector of education is 12.0%.

Importance of marketing to a business

The marketing spent based on revenue and the marketing spent assigned are very close and it does make a lot of sense. The importance of marketing to business is to show how the businesses are using the revenue estimates for the assignment for marketing purposes.